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Tutorial Tuesday #14 - Paper Doily Banners

I guess you could say that these colorful paper doilies have kind of become my signature look over the years. 


They all started about eight years ago when I whipped up about 400 of them to hang in my store. We got so many complements on them and loved them so much that they became a permanent fixture at Strawberry Patches.

How happy are these?


I love how you can coordinate your colors and themes to your room or party by the scrapbook paper or fabric you select.





Here's how I made them:

Start with a large paper doily (or 400🤣) and separate into individual sheets. You can purchase paper doilies at craft stores, party stores or on Amazon.

IMG_7193 (1)

You will want to use a large doily because you will be folding it either in half or as in the case of the top photo, over by a third.

You will also need an assortment of fabrics, scrapbook paper or wrapping paper large enough to cover the solid center portion of the doily.

In addition you will need a glue stick, scissors, and twine. I had the cute tassel trim from Hobby Lobby and glued one on the point of each doily but this is completely optional.


Using the solid center portion of one doily as a pattern, cut the shape from your paper or fabric. You will want to cover that solid area of the doily (see below).


Using a glue stick, attach the paper or fabric to the doily, fold and wrap over the twine. Add a bit of glue to secure. That's it! You can space them as close together as you like and if you fold them in half they are double sided - looking the same on the front and back. I love the festive look they add to a space.

Let me know if you try these, I'd love to see photos!

Encourage one another,