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Stepping Outside Of My Comfort Zone

Have you ever done something on a whim only to later wonder, what in the heck was I thinking?

I had so much fun sharing my ADORNit Valentine Banner Kit with you all


that when I read on social media that ADORNit was looking for ambassadors to help promote their products I thought, how fun, I can do that and quickly filled out the short application.  

Basically they send you a box of product to play with and in exchange you share what you make with your friends on your social media platforms. Oh, and you get to pick if you want sewing or paper crafting. I checked both boxes since I kind of like to mix things up - you know, sew on paper, ruffle crepe paper, the usual. I'm weird like that.

Anyway, it sounded like fun and just the thing to maybe help motivate me to do more sewing and crafting again after closing the store and making the move to Kansas City.

Miraculously, ADORNit picked me. 

One funny thing to know is that they call their ambassadors, ADORNit-Girls. Did ADORNit not know how far from a "girl" I was? 

My first clue that I was probably in way over my head was when I checked out some of the other ambassadors YouTube channels. Beautifully articulate young women showing all the awesome products on camera. Let's be real, I just started consciously using Instagram in January of 2018 and haven't posted to my blog in weeks! My friends know I run from being on camera. (To be perfectly clear here, there will be NO YouTube for this It "Girl")!

Last week my paper crafting box from ADORNit arrived and I couldn't wait to rip it open and get started. (They tell me the fabric box will arrive in a few weeks).


But once I unboxed everything I thought, oh oh. These coloring pages and books are absolutely adorable but I. don't. really. color...I think I'm out of my comfort zone here. Let me correct that and say, I know I'm waay out of my comfort zone! These talented ladies all seemed like such experienced scrapbookers and papercrafters. I just seem to make big messes while messing around. I really have no idea what the heck I'm doing.  

And here's the part in my story where I think fate, or faith or Internet Angels, or all three played a part. As I started to look through the pages of the coloring books 


they started to speak to me


and I started feeling more confident and excited! My creative sparkle had been dull long enough - it was time to dig into those packed away boxes of craft supplies hidden in the basement and challenge myself to do something I'd never done before...

I was going to try to watercolor.


Then I remembered the box of watercolor pencils I bought in Switzerland in 1998. The pencils that I had never used and didn't know at the time why I was so drawn to. I remember so vividly buying that beautiful tin box filled with a rainbow of pencils - the one with forty colors and the Matterhorn on the lid. Some people buy expensive watches while in Switzerland, I buy art supplies.


It was my one real splurge while on our trip and I was finally going to use it. I know now that I bought those watercolor pencils twenty years ago for my retirement, for when ADORNit called - I'd be ready. Similar, less expensive watercolor pencils and everything you need to get started found here and here

I've heard coloring is supposed to be relaxing, but right now I'm so amped up over all the crazy creative stuff going on here that I haven't been able to sleep or do much other than color and sew on paper. What started out being a relationship to help a wonderful family owned and run company sell their product has turned out to be just what I needed to get back into sewing and crafting.

God does work in mysterious ways.

So over the next few months I will be sharing with you here and on Instagram and Facebook (not YouTube!!) Untitled
some fun little projects that you can make from this happy company that I promise will brighten your day or the day of those to whom you gift your little creations. My hope is that I don't embarrass myself too much and that you all will come along on this creative journey with me. 


Be Brave. Try something new. Get out of your comfort zone.


Make your own Happiness and Share your Joy


But above all, don't forget to Sparkle!

I love you guys! Hearts

Encourage one another,


Paper products were provided by ADORNit . Ideas and honest opinions are my own.