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Favorites Friday - Long Baths and Bath Bombs or How One Thing Leads to Another

So the last time that we chatted I told you about how I'm just a teensy bit obsessed with tracking my sleep patterns using my Fitbit Charge 2. It was fun hearing from several of you who, like me, find sleep tracking weirdly fascinating.

Of course once you see your sleep/awake cycles you naturally wonder about ways to improve the quality of your sleep (at least I do), so I started researching things that promote a good nights sleep which led me to Epsom Salt baths and essential oils.  


Knowing that lavender oil helps promote sleep I started out buying lavender scented Epsom Salts




but I quickly realized that it was much cheaper to make my own with plain ol Epsom Salts from Costco or Sam's Club then add a few drops of essential oils to my bath water.


I use almost two cups of salt in my nightly bath so I go through this stuff pretty quickly. Not only has nightly soaking just before bed helped me relax and fall asleep quickly (and pretty much stay asleep all night), but surprisingly the added magnesium and sulfates that are apparently absorbed through my skin from the bath water have helped tremendously with my symptoms of idiopathic peripheral neuropathy by relaxing my muscles and calming the nerves in my feet and legs. Epsom Salt baths are also said to aid in reducing inflammation. What started as a natural sleep aid has helped me with my baffling chronic leg pain and numbness. Who knew? You can read more about the benefits of Epsom salt baths here.

I was enjoying these nightly soaks so much that I began to wonder if there was something else I could add to my bath water to up the fun factor a bit, so on a whim while in Las Vegas this summer, I purchased a few bath bombs from a company called Lush. I'd seen a few Lush stores in malls in the past and even wandered through a few from time to time but frankly could never understand why anyone would pay $5 to $10 for a bath bomb just to wash it down the drain. That was before I tried all natural and handmade Lush products. Now Lush is not only a favorite thing, but kind of a passion.  


I keep my bath bombs in glass jars (because you know how I love a pretty display) at the edge of my tub, then select a scent depending on my mood.


I can't tell you how marvelous and moisturized these products make my skin feel.


For times when I'm feeling especially extravagant I'll reach for one of these babies. Talk about luxurious!

I honestly don't know if I would have taken the time to soak for forty minutes each night before I retired - probably not since I was more of a shower, always on the run kind of gal. Like exercising, soaking takes a big chunk of time out of my day, but for me, it's so worth the investment in my health and feeling of wellbeing.

One thing I've learned over the past year is that you have to take your health into your own hands - researching and trying things that make you feel better. I've also learned that sometimes what doctors order for you can actually make you feel worse. I've learned that you are the boss of you and that there is a real feeling of power and hope when you take control of your own health.

UntitledNext time I'll tell you how I spend those pampering forty minutes while soaking each night but only if you promise not to judge. Smileyface

Until then, be kind to yourself. Love you guys.

Encourage one another,


This post was not sponsored  and all opinions and observations are my own.