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Favorites Friday - Long Baths and Bath Bombs or How One Thing Leads to Another

Favorites Friday - My Fitbit Charge 2

Welcome back. Today I want to share another one of my current most favorite things in the whole world. Hearts

Now that I'm retired I try and pay more attention to the amount of exercise and sleep I get along with what I eat on a daily basis. My Fitbit certainly qualifies as a favorite thing because it not only tracks my daily activity by counting the number of steps I get (I shoot for at least 10,000) but it also tracks my nightly sleep patterns.  


First thing each morning, while I wait for my coffee to brew, I check my Fitbit app on my phone to see how well I slept the night before. I love this new and improved feature of the sleep tracker where it breaks down the four stages of sleep - Awake, Light, REM and Deep. Fitbit trackers can measure your time spent in each sleep stage, as well as your time awake.

Since sleep affects every part of life—your health and your mood, it can help you perform at your best, stay productive, and fight weight gain and depression.

I know I may be weird, but I just think it's fun to pay attention of this stuff.

Here's mine from a recent Saturday night/Sunday morning when it thundered all night, non stop.




Yikes,Crytalk about sleep interruptus! That must have been one doozy of a thunder clap at midnight! Actually, I thought I had slept a lot less than it tracked but evidently after awhile I just gave in and slept through all of the noise.

Another cool feature is that it gives you a 30 day average of your sleep as well as showing how your sleep quality compares with women (or men) in your age group.




The percentage on the left in the dark is my sleep pattern and the light sections are the benchmark percentages with their averages to the right. I find it strangely comforting knowing that waking up in the middle of the night is a fairly common practice with women my age, but I clearly need to work on my Deep sleep cycle.

All of this nonsense has led me to research other ways to induce a better quality of sleep, some of which I will share with you later.

I'd love to hear from you on what natural things you do to help assure a good nights sleep.

I'm curious about how many of you sleep through the night. If you don't, do you concoct a magic potion that you drink just before bed? Do you crank up the air conditioner, use a sound machine or take a long bath before turning in? Or do you just hit the sack and hope for the best? 

I'd love to know. Do share!

Encourage one another,


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